With the holidays just around the corner, the latest from Summit Books is the perfect Christmas gift for Pinoy tweens—letting them embrace their awesome selves and boosting friendships at the same time.

Out now is The Unicorn Slambook, an all-in-one book that serves as a memory keeper, activity book, and friendship journal. Taking inspiration from the well-loved mythical creature, The Unicorn Slambook encourages young ones to discover their own inner magic and celebrate the same in their one-of-a-kind friends.

The Unicorn Slambook starts off by inviting you to share not just basic personal facts, but also your deeper truths: likes and dislikes, talents and weaknesses, memories and secrets, and hopes and dreams. From listing your favorite songs to sharing your future goals, you’ll be going through page after interactive page that prove just how unique you are.

The Unicorn Slambook then lets you see all the wonderful things that make your own buddies unique with Q&A pages meant for them to fill up. Invite up to 25 of your friends to spill their favorite things, their ultimate bops, and their secrets and wishes, plus leave a little note for their special friend: you!

The next part of the slambook offers you a chance to boost your squad’s bond. Pages meant to be filled up together with your friends let you list identities within the group, share words of appreciation for each other, take on the best friend challenge, and learn tips on strengthening your bond.

The final part is all about fun and creativity, with cut-out games you can play with your friends, crafts and accessories you can color your way, and free stickers you can slap on any personal item to give it your mark of uniqueness. A unicorn name generator even lets you have your very own mythical alias!

The Unicorn Slambook is now available in select bookstores and on Lazada for only P295.

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