Smart Parenting kicks off the celebration of Mother's Day and Father's Day with inspiring stories from all over the country that represent the courage, tenacity, and unconditional love of parents.

Last month, readers were asked how Smart Parenting has helped their parenting journey, and over 100 unique stories from all over the country poured into our mailbox.

Today, we've identified the 10 finalists and officially opened the polls to determine the one parent who will take home Php100,000 cash tax-free.

“It’s encouraging to know how Smart Parenting — our content and community — continues to make a positive impact in the lives of our audiences, especially during the pandemic. It reaffirms that our purpose of delivering content and solutions to address every Filipino parent’s pain point remains relevant, and has become even more essential during these critical times,” says Iza Santos-Cuyos, Smart Parenting’s Growth Lead.

Smart Parenting remains the biggest digital parenting brand in the country, with a social reach that’s 26% higher than all digital parenting brands in the Philippines combined.

The website’s page views grew an average of 13% month on month during the pandemic, driving in more organic users to the platform. This resulted in an average of 212% month-on-month growth in its active users in 2021.

While most of its audiences are pregnant mothers and parents of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, 2021 also saw a 48% month-on-month growth in parents of teens and tweens.

Leah Nemil-San Jose, Smart Parenting editor-in-chief, adds, “Our best stories have always been the ones crafted with parents, whether they wrote it or we interviewed them. We’ve seen their influence in action, and they have brought so much good to their fellow nanays and tatays.”

Now it is your turn to choose who goes home with Php100,000. Read and vote for the story that touched you the most!