In this exciting new release from Summit Books’ fantasy and thriller collection, readers have the power to take the story wherever they want it to go.

Out now from Pop Fiction’s Cloak sub-imprint is The Ceyla Chronicles: Helios Trials, the second in the fantasy series set in Helios, a magical realm where otherworldly races reside and mystery reigns—and right in the middle of it all, detective and supernatural expert Ceyla Ward tries to solve the enigmas that abound. But in this new installment penned by sielalstreim, missmaple, and hraefn, readers get to choose the path the heroine takes and lead her to any of fourteen alternate endings.

In Helios Trials, readers step into the shoes of Ceyla who, trapped in a twisted version of Helios, has to finish the Helios Trials made by an ancient force hell-bent on fulfilling a long-overdue and mysterious prophecy. As Ceyla, readers must face members of Helios’ magical races, from Demon Lords to murderous Mermaids, and with a flip of the page, make the difficult choices she has to make in order to evade a new and powerful enemy.

Helios Trials takes off from Helios Murders, the first in The Ceyla Chronicles which introduced readers to the extraordinary adventures of the green-eyed, bedaggered heroine. It is an original anthology written by sunako_nakahara, sielalstreim, onneechan, tsubame, and natsuriayuko.

This time, joining sielalstreim in weaving the world of Helios Trials are missmaple and hraefn, who have both also had a prolific run with Cloak: missmaple is behind Wonderland Magical Academy and Alkia Kingdom Reborn, while hraefn has written Never Wake the Demon. Besides being one of the authors behind Helios Murders, sielalstreim also counts among her Cloak works Montello High: School of Gangsters and Snow White Is A Gangster.

The Ceyla Chronicles: Helios Trials was first made available to readers at the Pop Fiction Fest 5 on January 26 at the Crossroad Center, Quezon City. It is now available in bookstores nationwide for P199.

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