Edgar “Injap” Sia II has been widely admired as an entrepreneurial wunderkind since the fast food chain he founded in 2003, Mang Inasal, was acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation at a 70 percent stake for P3 billion in 2010—when Injap was just 33 years old. Now 40 years old, Injap shares the wisdom he has gained throughout his life in business as he went from a young boy repacking candies in a grocery store in Roxas City to the youngest billionaire on the Philippines’ Forbes 50 Richest List.

Out now from Summit Books is Life Principles by Injap Sia, a book through which the young business magnate shares the personal beliefs that have brought him tremendous business success. Written with Esquire Philippines editor-in-chief Kristine Fonacier, the book is an inspiring read for anyone who wants to reach for his or her dreams.

In Life Principles by Injap Sia, Injap lets readers in on the experiences from his youth—from working in his parents’ grocery store as a child to winning a nationwide car giveaway as a young man—that have instilled in him business lessons he continues to adhere to today. He then tackles the business values that have served him through the years, listing the phases an entrepreneur should go through when starting out and identifying the points one should consider before diving headfirst into a business. Finally, he imparts the principles he lives by that have made him the fearless yet disciplined businessman and passionate yet grounded dreamer that he remains today.

Life Principles by Injap Sia features a foreword by Jollibee founder Tony Tan Caktiong—Injap’s partner in the fast-growing real estate company DoubleDragon Properties—who writes, “When you step back and put it all together, you realize that Injap is quite an amazing person, and you say to yourself, how lucky I am to have met him, to be doing business with him, and most important, to be his friend.”

Injap Sia will donate all royalties received from the sale of this book to the Injap Sia Family Educational Scholarship charity program. The book is available in bookstores, newsstands, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide for P295.

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