Titas of Manila

The popular account that has taken Pinoy Twitterverse by storm can now be enjoyed in book form.

Now out from Summit Books, Life According to Tita is a compilation of hilarious lines commonly uttered by the dear women we fondly call “tita.” The book gathers the best tweets from the @TitasOfManila account and new “tita” material written exclusively for print.
Learn the philosophy of these lovable ladies—from their opinion on your love life (“Kelan ka ba ikakasal? May boyfriend ka na ba?”) to their recollections of family members (“Ang laki laki mo na! Dati ganito ka lang kaliit! *holds hand to knee*”), to diet habits (“Let’s order something light lang! Busog pa ko eh!” *orders kare kare*) to their behavior during gatherings (“Sige na. Sing for tita. I’ll give you 500.”). Laugh as you flip through page after page of titas’ everyday observations on your weight and demeanor, beliefs in religion, superstition, and personal style. 

Be a pro in spotting a tita from a mile away with the book’s Anatomy of a Tita (keep an eye out for a pashmina shawl and a Longchamp bag) and an in-depth look at Tita’s Must-Haves (hand sanitizer on a bag strap and a blessed rosary from Lourdes are a given). Finally, test your tita quotient by taking a quiz to determine whether you’re a True Tita or still a Tita in Training. 

As a bonus, each copy of Life According to Tita comes with a free cutout abaniko—perfect for beating the summer heat or Tita’s hot flashes. 

The Titas of Manila Twitter account was started by Danielle Veluz in September 2014. To date, Titas of Manila has over 19,000 followers, and has inspired other Twitter accounts that similarly parody common characters in Pinoy society.
Grab a copy of Life According to Tita for yourself or as a gift to family and friends! The book is out now for only P175 in bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.