In Case You Come Back

Three of today’s young literary and artistic talents pool their gifts for Summit Books’ new release, In Case You Come Back: Poems, Confessions, Apologies, and Promises. The book is a collection of over 100 poems written by Marla Miniano and Reese Lansangan, with illustrations by Jamie Catt.

Marla Miniano is the current editor-in-chief of Summit Books who previously served as editor-in-chief of Candy Magazine. She has penned well-loved novels and anthologies for young women such as Table for Two, Fan Girl, From This Day Forward, and the Every Girl's Guide series, all published by Summit Books. 

Reese Lansangan is a singer-songwriter whose debut album, Arigato, Internet!, has caught the attention of music aficionados and fellow professional musicians alike, and is a multi-awarded visual artist and fashion designer as well. She also wrote and performed the song “Home” especially for Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna’s wedding earlier this year. 

Jamie Catt is a self-taught artist and freelance illustrator whose dreamy pieces have been featured in magazines and websites all over the world. She is regularly commissioned to produce work for both local and international clients, and has gained a loyal following of young artists on- and offline.

Together, Marla and Reese deftly tread on blissful subjects such as love and intimacy, and tackle more painful ones such as heartbreak and goodbyes with equal beauty and vulnerability. They also lend their word-weaving to the exploration of topics as varied as science and adventure, family and childhood, and longing and grief, all while maintaining candor and grace with every piece. Jamie’s delicate, whimsical artworks accompany their words all throughout, adding life and color to their quiet musings.

“Reading Reese and Marla's beautiful words and looking at Jamie's art, I am reminded that love is always a big, beautiful risk,” says singer-songwriter and former Sugarfree frontman Ebe Dancel in his foreword. “It is like walking into the dark, knowing that you might hit a wall. Like Reese, Marla, and Jamie, I walk on anyway. We all do.”

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In Case You Come Back is out now in bookstores and newsstands nationwide for P250. For updates and more information, like Summit Books on Facebook via and follow on Instagram via @summit.books.