YES! 100 Most Beautiful Stars Special 2012When you say box-office queen, fashion icon, top celebrity endorser, and concert sensation, the name Anne Curtis comes to mind. There’s no stopping the Princess of all Media as she adds another title to her belt this year--YES! Magazine’s Most Beautiful Star for 2012. The 27-year old TV host/actress was recently proclaimed as YES! Magazine’s Most Beautiful Star in a press conference held last July 2 at the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

As Anne celebrates her 15 years in showbiz this year, her topping off the annual list couldn’t have come sweeter and at a better time. “I just feel so blessed,” says Anne. And indeed, blessings have been pouring for the star. “It hadn’t been a smooth journey for me. There were a lot of bumps on the road. But I guess it helped that maybe people saw me grow up in this industry, so there are a lot of people who were able to relate one way or another to that, you know.”

The YES! Most Beautiful Stars Special features 100 of the prettiest faces in showbiz. Grouped into 17 different categories, stars were classified according to beauty, talent, star quality, and personality.

YES! 100 Most Beautiful Stars 2012 Press Launch Anne Curtis, Alice Dixson, Lovi Poe, and Erich Gonzales were among the female celebrities who made the list.

Identifying stars to include on the list was no easy feat. YES! Editor-in-Chief Jo-Ann Maglipon made sure that the magazine set-up guide posts and standards. Maglipon says, “Beauty very often eludes definition and quantification… Choosing the most beautiful among local showbiz stars is bound to be subjective.“

Maglipon mentions some of the qualities a star must posses to make it to the list. “A star gets on the list because she glows, she has that star quality, she’s an A-lister, owns a niche and makes a mark, makes her presence felt, and is on the radar.”

YES! 100 Most Beatiful Stars Special 2012 Press LaunchAmong the male stars who graced the press launch were Martin Escudero, Jake Cuenca, Gabby Eigenmann, and Carlo Guevara.

Naming 100 of the most beautiful stars in showbiz has been a tradition for YES!. Now on its sixth year, the YES! Most Beautiful Stars Special is an annual highlight to all its readers and celebrities.

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