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Build your audience and keep them coming back by publishing engaging, relevant content on your own platforms. Leverage the Summit expertise through new articles, videos, and infographics—or syndicate them from our extensive library. Together, we can create content that aligns with your brand values and addresses your customer’s needs. Ready to reach a bigger audience? Distribute your content through Summit Media websites with the same audience as your brand.








Meralco wanted to release its own magazine for C-level executives, with the goal of establishing the brand as a thought leader in breaking business news and social issues—topics that matter to a man in power. Taking a cue from the target audience and Meralco's own stock in trade, we created 'Power Club', a quarterly print magazine that first appeared in 2014.

Since then, the magazine has featured some of the most influential businessmen in the country on its covers, revealing the stories behind their successes, as well as brand-initiated efforts covering the same themes as the annual Meralco Luminaries awards. Year on year, the magazine's dedicated editorial team ensures that both content and aesthetic keeps on improving, tailor-made to always fit the sophisticated tastes of its target audience.

Meralco understands that talking to the affluent is best done through the luxury of a print magazine that's delivered straight to their offices to sit neatly at their mahogany desks. Even with the boom of digital in 2016 and its expected exponential growth in 2017, Power Club magazine will continue to believe in the power of print and in the prestige it can bring.



The Unilever Food Solutions website ( aims to provide cooks, chefs, and restaurateurs with food, kitchen and dining inspiration. While the online portal proved effective, the needs of the audience required an always-on content model, where content must be available for consumption anytime to tell their brand story.

To achieve their objectives and create a sustainable model for creating content, Unilever partnered with Summit ContentLab, where we provided them access to a vast library of tried and tested recipes and other food content from Summit Media's top websites such as,, and more. Evergreen content from these sites was repurposed to fit their image, ensuring consistent, compelling content that kept our audience checking back in for more food inspiration.

The Unilever Food Solutions websites was fueled with new and syndicated articles from Summit Media websites, ensuring that at any point, its audience will find its way to food content that is not only current, but also relevant and engaging, wherever and whenever they need it the most.



As part of its commitment to pursue a solid digital content strategy, Globe Telecommunications Co. partnered with Summit ContentLab to produce entertaining, educational, and relatable content for their lifestyle website, Globe Go! (

Our team of lifestyle editors and content strategists work in tandem with Globe's resident brand and editorial teams to design a long-term content creation and distribution strategy for Globe Go! Armed with proprietary tools like our Brand Story Builder and customized ideation workshops, our team writes, produces, and curates articles, videos, infographics, and other lifestyle content tied to Globe's services and technology—including Spotify playlists, celebrity news, adventure videos, and even gadget hack memes. We readily adapt Globe's unique brand voice into lifestyle content anchored on the latest services and technologies that Globe provides.

Moreover, our team of strategists brings these articles to a wider audience through content recommendations and social media features on Summit's top lifestyle websites and social media channels. The story may have begun at Globe, but it certainly doesn't end there—our wide-ranging network ensures that, through their digital content, Globe can offer everyone (loyal fans and first-time visitors alike) a fun lifestyle.



Robinsons Malls was clear with what they wanted to achieve with a publication of their own: a concise family magazine that would not only highlight their properties' new shops and restaurants, but also give their readers all the options on the various activities they can do and the unique things they can find in Robinsons Malls.

A bimonthly magazine created by Summit Media's ContentLab, Discover offers all that and more. With over 36 pages of compelling articles and photos. Discover informs shoppers where to shop for the latest trends, where to satisfy their cravings, and what other exciting things to do in Robinsons Malls. Each issue has a special theme and is packed with the latest fashion tips, movie news, and insider knowledge on all upcoming deals and promos. By expanding the core experience of an ordinary shopper, this magazine shows you how to shop, dine and have fun at Robinsons Malls!