Total Girl


Total Girl is the go-to magazine for young girls from 8 to 12 years old. It is a cool and portable read packed with informative pieces, engaging activities, and inspiring stories. Our articles help tweens in every aspect of their lives (such as family, friends, school, health, fashion, and fitness) and encourage them to adopt winning values they can use as they grow up and prepare for the future they dream of. TG also brings together everything young girls want: the latest buzz on celebrities they look up to, creative DIY projects to try with their loved ones, and style ideas to help them figure out how to rock the hottest trends.

Total Girl knows its impressionable readers inside out and acts as their cool older sister who they can talk to (and get advice from) about absolutely anything. TG makes it her mission to inspire readers to try new activities, take big risks, do things better, and ultimately empower them to live their best tween lives!

Total Girl answers the five needs of the tween girl:

  • Need to be confident
  • Need for guidance
  • Need for community
  • Need to be cool
  • Need to have fun

Leslie Bulatao
Associate Publisher

Mimi Tiu

Total Girl

Target Market: TGs (what our readers call themselves), are grade school girls, 8-12 years old. At this stage of her life, she values her family, friends and school.
Pass-on Readership:
Total Monthly Readership: 150,000-180,000
12x a year
Distribution: Bookstores, supermarkets, newsstands, toy stores, convenience stores
Size: 5.75 x 8.25 inches
Cover Price: P100


Totally Hot
Flip to this part to get updates on the coolest tunes, films, shows, and stars that tweens can’t get enough of. Plus, get to know the newest restos, toys, albums, books, gadgets, DVDs, and knickknacks out in the market!

TG Life Guide
A definite must-read, this comprehensive manual teaches valuable lessons that enrich a tween’s life. Topics include excelling in school, supporting a worthy cause, dealing with tough friendship issues, protecting the environment, taking care of furry companions, and more!

Monthly Special
This one-of-a-kind section tackles a tween’s biggest concerns such as forming meaningful relationships and making impossible dreams come true. The content varies each month depending on the magazine’s theme, but the articles are always presented in a fresh and inspiring manner.

Totally Trendy
Featuring fab fashion and beauty finds as well as age-appropriate trends, Total Girl helps tweens learn how to be comfortable in their skin as they take one step closer to discovering their style identity.

TG Workshop
Guaranteed to give readers and their parents an excuse to bond while doing worthwhile activities, these cut-out-and-keep pages encourage young minds to get creative (through easy-to-try recipes and entertaining craft projects) and learn a new skill every month!