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Top Gear is a passion magazine. Made by car lovers for car lovers, Top Gear dives into the full experience of buying, maintaining, and driving cars, and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Top Gear gives its readers the license to love cars more, to want to reach their motoring aspirations, and to just go out and drive.

Top Gear is dependable. Featuring unbiased, informative, and useful car reviews, Top Gear remains to be a reliable source of automotive information. And with 85 – 90% local content, Top Gear Philippines continues to be the most relevant for the Filipino car lover, while also giving them the best of what the international editions have to offer.

Top Gear is fun. With witty captions and funny one-liners on almost every page, it is obvious that it never takes itself too seriously and is certainly never boring nor dull. Always an entertaining read, Top Gear is an enjoyable experience from the first page to the last.

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Top Gear

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This section features all the newest concept cars and upcoming models from around the globe. If you’re craving to know more about the world’s freshest cars, New Metal is definitely for you.

Top Gear puts the spotlight on key industry executives, car enthusiasts and personalities, and other motoring-oriented stories in Car Culture. Inside this section are some of Top Gear’s popular pages including Traffic Stopper, Gearhead, A Day in the Life, and Jeremy Clarkson’s column.

Top Gear gets down and dirty with your favorite cars and pushes them to their limits, all in the name of finding out which cars are hot, and which are not. Top Gear’s unbiased and credible individual tests and side-by-side comparisons are available to help those looking for their next automotive purchase.

From exclusive cover stories to in-depth car features, Top Read has it all covered. This section brings you automotive stories that engage and inform everyone from the casual car owner to the certified car nut. Top Read includes Top Gear’s monthly road trips to top destinations here and abroad.

It’s pedal to the metal in this section devoted to all things motorsports. From event primers and previews to commentary and coverage, Full Throttle keeps you up to speed with the world of racing. Full Throttle also includes Racing Legends, a brief profile that pays homage to the greats of the motorsports world.


Top Gear chronicles the stories behind buying, maintaining, and modifying a car. The Garage features automotive lifestyle stories and takes a look at the hottest gear, accessories, and aftermarket parts available.
Hot Gear
Gadgets, accessories, and style that go well with our readers’ motoring lifestyle.
Best Time
The best timepieces money can buy. Because every discerning driver should sport a great watch.
Old School
These cars may not be as common as they used to be but these well-maintained (or restored) beauties are still a marvel to look at after all these years.
Mod Rides
New wheels, a body kit, engine upgrades—the list never ends. Mod Rides shows you the different ways you can modify your car and make it stand out from the crowd.
Wrong Car/Right Car
Can’t decide what car you want? Let our consumer editor, Botchi Santos, help you choose the right car for you.

Top Gear helps out with your car-buying adventure with its New Car Guide. A comprehensive buyer’s guide for the Philippine auto market, it lists available models from brands and gives important details on each vehicle such as engine specs, dimensions, and price.

The Workshop is the monthly go-to for how-tos. With tips ranging from changing a spark plug to installing a new sound system, this is a very useful section for anyone who owns a car.

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Manila International Auto Show

Be a part of one of the biggest car expos in the country and join Top Gear in welcoming the 80,000 car owners and enthusiasts who flock to the World Trade Center to enjoy a weekend of automotive madness. Have your presence felt in the Top Gear booth and get the chance to interact with throngs of car lovers via on-ground promotions during the event.