Preview is the authority on the latest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends, taking its cue from the pulse of the fashion world's most celebrated designers and personalities. As the trusted and most comprehensive source of the most up-to-date fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends, Preview's eclectic mix of choices helps its readers hone and develop their personal style.

Preview also champions Philippine talent, being the creative pool where photographers, designers, and stylists can unleash their creativity, the results of which are Preview's breathtaking and unparalleled editorials and pages. Personified, Preview is the archetypal "It Girl" that everyone wants to emulate in terms of fashion and beauty. She knows the coolest people and is found in the most happening events and places.

The year 2012 showcases the return of two major fashion events of Preview. One is the hotly anticipated Preview Best Dressed Ball, the fashion party of Manila, where Preview honors the ladies who have made the sartorial cut. The Best Dressed Ball garners over P20 million in media mileage, covered and talked about by bloggers and fashion press alike, and even trends worldwide on Twitter. As its way of giving back to Philippine fashion, Preview presents its second batch of winners of the Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards, where Preview scouts and presents to the fashion industry its next generation of talents that will bring the industry to the next level.

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Preview’s coverage, analysis, and interpretations of trends are always about the best of what’s happening in the local and international scene. It does not just report the trends but shows how readers can translate the trends into their own style.

Preview’s beauty pages cover everything from the avant-garde to the minimalist, the how-to’s, and the latest trends. There are pages that showcase the more fashionable and trendy side of makeup while there are also features that give a practical approach towards beauty. Preview’s beauty coverage is comprehensive--it teaches, shares, showcases, and helps the readers develop their own look.

Preview also features other things fashionistas rave about--dining, travel, art, books, music, gadgets, and design.

A chronicle of the most sought-after parties in town
Preview Best Dressed Ball

Every July, Manila’s highly-anticipated fashion event returns with Preview’s list of the Best Dressed. The Preview Best Dressed Ball has become an assembly of Manila’s stylecentric people oozing with creativity, originality, and lair. The Preview Best Dressed Ball generates media value of over P20 million and trends worldwide on Twitter.
Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards

Preview supports fashion education by awarding promising students from fashion schools and upstart designers and off ering them the opportunity to present their vision and collection to the top people in the retail industry, who in turn are always on the lookout for fresh talents. The PEFTA is an exclusive event for the top movers and shakers of the fashion industry.