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Men’s Health is the number one source of information for active, successful, professional men who want greater control over their physical, mental, and emotional lives.

As the number one lifestyle male magazine in the world, Men’s Health Philippines continues to give readers the essentials in becoming the best versions of themselves. We give modern Filipino men the tools they need to live their lives to the fullest. We are the trigger, the motivation, that extra push to get them off that couch and experience an active and healthy way of life.

This year is going to be extra special as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. We’ll still provide the best fashion, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and sex-related news and tips that our loyal readers have come to expect. Our sections will still have the well-rounded local text and information you’ve come to expect from Men’s Health. And every article will still be packed with relevant and relatable motivational tips. But we’re going to add more excitement to the way things are written and we’re going to make certain features more immersive so that the reader can experience what it truly means to be a Men’s Health man.

Men’s Health is all about you, but better. You, Improved!

Christine Ong
Team Publisher[at]

Allan Madrilejos
Editorial Director

Men's Health

Target Market:
Performance-driven 19-to-45-year-old men who want to live their best life
Circulation: 30,000
Pass-on Readership: 10
Total Monthly Readership: 300,000-330,000
Frequency: 12x a year
Distribution: Bookstores, newsstands, magazine shops, and digital distribution
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Cover Price: P140


To our readers, Men’s Health is all about personal relevance. By, for and about men, from cover to cover, each issue provides readers with both practical and entertaining information that they can use each day, in every part of their lives. We also produce content that is 100% local.

Health and Fitness
With its own local advisory board, no other magazine covers health and fitness with the kind of insight that Men’s Health delivers in every issue. For Men’s Health readers, health and fitness are their top concern as it is an essential part of their performance-driven lives.

From breakfast to dinner and even happy hour, Men’s Health guides the reader into making healthy and nutritious food choices, without sacrificing the enjoyment in taste as much as possible.

Fashion and Grooming
Men’s Health readers care about how they live and how they look. Every month, Men’s Health provides its readers with relevant self-driven information, along with the latest style trends, grooming products, services, and accessories they can use to look good and feel confident.

Sex and Relationships
Men’s Health offers truly useful tips and advice regarding relationships. It is this kind of insightful guy advice that readers can trust to make their relationships stronger and more successful.

The Men’s Health reader is an ambitious, career-driven professional. Men’s Health magazine covers the whole gamut of a man’s career—from acing the job interview, negotiating a raise to changing careers, and even starting his own business.

Advisory Board
The Men’s Health Advisory Board is composed of experts in the field of health and fitness. Each month, we tap their vast knowledge and experience to give our readers the best advice.
Men's Health Urbanathlon

Men’s Health Urbanathlon is the international signature event of Men’s Health magazine. It is a one-of-a-kind competition that combines traditional road race elements with rigorous obstacles and puts participants against a backdrop of the Philippine urban setting. This city-based, multi-disciplinary race will have men and women running and scrambling through different kinds of obstacles meant to test their endurance and will. This will certainly bring out the warrior in every reader.

Connect with almost 2,000 active and aggressive individuals who want to test their abilities with  sponsored/branded urban obstacles sprawled along the track. Route merchandising, interactive booth activities, singlet branding, special awards, and product sampling are also available.