Now on its 10th year, K-Zone continues to be the biggest kids' magazine in the country! It features everything kids love: the latest movies, cartoons, TV shows, anime, video games, celebrities, toys, tech news, wrestling, sports, puzzles, comics, jokes, and more! K-Zoners know what's hot before anyone else does because they read K-Zone.

K-Zone is made just for kids--it speaks their language and is filled with things that they can talk about with their friends. Articles inside the magazine are engaging with loads of cool information, a colorful layout, and a wacky sense of humor.

K-Zone is not only fun, it is educational too. It has science facts, trivia, and how-to-dos that make learning an exciting experience.

K-Zone makes kids feel as awesome as they truly are. Here, kids are the stars!

Leslie Bulatao
Associate Publisher

Maggie Adan


Target Market: Grade school boys and girls, 9 to 12 years old
Circulation: 60,000
Pass-on Readership: 4
Total Monthly Readership: 300,000
Frequency: 12x a year
Distribution: Bookstores, newsstands, supermarkets, toy stores, convenience stores
Size: 5.75” x 8.25”
Cover Price: P100.00


A huge chunk of K-Zone’s content is dedicated to kids’ pop culture: cartoons, anime, celebrities, toys, super heroes, books, music, gadgets, wrestling, sports, food, and whatever they think is cool!

Cover stories and articles are based on a monthly theme, conceptualized and written in a distinct K-Zone way.

Mind-boggling puzzles and mysteries, how-to-draw activities, comics, and laugh out loud pages (pranks, jokes and embarrassing stories)!

News, reviews, guides, tips, and cheats on the latest kid-friendly online and video games.

Loads of trivia, science facts, and easy experiments to try out (minus the lab explosions)!

K-Zone’s Loopy Experimental ‘Bot (KLEB) is K-Zone’s resident mascot. He was created in the K-Zone Secret Research Facility in Uranus, and traveled back outspoken, who likes to pull pranks on the staff (especially during April) and lives in an overhead compartment in K-Zone’s office.

He pops up all over the magazine (even on our website and our Facebook and Twitter accounts) with his trademark smarty-pants comments.

K-Zoners think KLEB is both cool and funny*. They write to him, draw him, and even look for him when they come visit us in the office. He even has his own Facebook account, comics, and t-shirt. Not bad for a ‘bot who regularly needs a squirt of oil or two.

*According to 2011 Reader Survey results


Facebook Fans: 224,582*
Twitter Followers: 3,989*
*As of November 30, 2012

Kids are increasingly becoming internet-savvy with the need to stay connected with their peers. 76% of our readers go online for more than two hours a day, when they arrive home from school. They use the internet to catch up with friends on social networks, do research for their homework, watch YouTube videos, and play online games using Facebook.

K-Zone’s online presence allows us to instantly connect with our readers and be a part of their lives daily. With a strong fan and membership base, K-Zone reaches more kids than ever before!

KZone.com.ph contains web exclusive content, interactive activities, and a staff blog. These web pages feature events, interviews, behind the scenes, games, movie trailers, promos, K-leb videos, and more! Kzone.com.ph has 53,000 loyal members with 20,000 unique visitors a month.

Advertiser’s products and events can be featured through K-Zone’s Ka-Blog. Online games and web banners are also open for sponsorship.


With 164,000 Facebook fans and growing, K-Zone proves that it is a brand trusted by tweens! K-Zone Facebook fans write comments, answer polls, click on our recommended links, and show their approval by clicking the Like button on their favorite posts. K-Zone’s Facebook fan page has an average of 330 likes and comments a month.

Advertiser’s products, events, promos, videos, endorsers, and website can be featured through K-Zone’s Facebook Fan Page. A Facebook Tab, which serves as a dedicated page for advertiser content is also open for sponsorship.