Each issue of FHM is a celebration. Whether it's through its witty one-liners and skillfully-written stories or awe-inspiring photos of stunning women, FHM makes it a point to engage today's men with everything that makes him tick. But, more importantly, it's a magazine for men about men. It endeavors to be every guy's ultimate pare, "The Man" who dishes out awesome and engaging features on pop culture, sex and relationships, sports, humor, fashion and technology. It exists not just to please its readers with its plethora of the best lifestyle experiences--always sexy, funny, useful, relevant, and interactive.

FHM is not only the most widely-read men's magazine; it is also the most read magazine in the Philippines reaching more than 1 million readers monthly. That's more readers than the country's leading broadsheets. Together with FHM.com.ph's more than 262,000 unique users and 1.1 million fans on Facebook, you can reach over a million upwardly-mobile men in addition to FHM's readership audience through
partnership with the brand.

Allan Madrilejos

BA Borleo
Managing Editor


Target Market: 18-35 years old, predominantly male belonging to A, B, and broad C socio-economic classes with an interest for everything and anything sexy, funny, and relevant.
Total Monthly Readership: Over 1 million readers (1.07M) monthly across all socio-economic classes based on Synovate Media Atlas Survey, Wave 2 2009-2010
Frequency: 12x a year
Distribution: Bookstores, magazine shops, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide
Size: 8.5” x 11”
Cover Price: P140


From up-and-coming talents to scintillating legends and current sensations! Only the hottest interviews and the most scorching photos of the sexiest women to set foot on earth!

The most gorgeous babes our readers’ eyes will ever lay on.

Well-written articles, investigative reports, and tasteful stories. Real must-reads for guys…and girls, too.

FHM’s opening section that contains essential man wisdom and monthly pocket knowledge every reader should know, from relevant news to the latest happenings!

Readers’ leisure time—rated and sorted! Contains crisp and well-balanced reviews of the latest movies, music, television shows, and books.

The section where FHM becomes its readers’ wingman. Guy ammo on sex and dating and the most stimulating tales courtesy of Ladies’ Confessions—all in this section.

Sharp and stylish dressing. What to buy and how to wear it plus, essential grooming tips.

Tech and Lifestyle. This section covers a broad range of subjects aimed at helping readers survive the urban jungle. Includes travel, health, gadgets,
and FHM Motors (i.e. cars & automobiles)

Letters to the Editor. Gallery. Who The Hell Are You? Bar Room Jokes. True Stories. Zany contests! Just like it says, this section is all about our readers!


Pageviews: 36,964,631 (desktop); 25,550,437 (mobile)*
Unique Users: 1,919,108 (desktop); 949,668 (mobile)*
Facebook Fans: 3,564,287**
Twitter Followers: 63,000**
Instagram Followers: 112,000**
*Google Analytics monthly average, October - December 2014
**As of January 12, 2015


FHM.com.ph is a website for the Filipino man. It's his online source for everything new, cool, funny, relevant, useful, and sexy; and his go-to portal when he wants to be entertained. FHM.com.ph continues what the magazine has started, and that is to be the Filipino's essential guide to life.


  • Babes The safe where we keep our most valued treasures. Here you'll find all the women in the current and past issues of FHM, including online-exclusive babes!
  • Daily Reads Nobody wants to be left out of a conversation or a funny story. Daily Reads—with sections like News, Bar Room Jokes, and True Stories—keeps our readers up to date and always laughing. You can also pick the FHM Editors' brains by reading their blogs!
  • FHM TV Exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of babe shoots, event coverages, music videos, interviews, tips and how-to's, FHM shenanigans: It's all here!
  • Sports FHM.com.ph is rededicating itself to sports. We put a huge new spotlight on it, providing coverage on the games we all love to play and argue about. We even got a pretty, cowboy columnist, Jessica Mendoza, to give us a whole new perspective on different sporting subjects.
  • Entertainment The latest cars, movies, DVD, music, TV, games, books, rated and sorted! FHM also talks with the most in-demand man idols and geniuses of our time.
  • Upgrade
  • Discover the latest, coolest, and FHM-approved technology, gadgets, clothing, fashion trends, and grooming items. It's in here where we make everyone more pogi.
  • Lounge It wouldn't be FHM without sex, dating, and relationships. We've got a lot of that here: Ladies' Confession, a guide to decoding women, feature stories, and sex tips courtesy of our new columnists, Anny Poblador and Jahziel Manabat.
  • FHM Community This is the FHM Nation's online HQ. They talk freely about anything and everything under the sun (the FHM Bullboard and the FHM Chat); share amongst each other their pictures, wacky or otherwise (MyFHM); and browse through galleries after galleries of pictures from FHM events and parties.
FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World Victory Party

The sexiest show on earth happens every July at the World Trade Center. The FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World Victory Party is the biggest magazine event of the year that generates tremendous hype and media buzz—not to mention over 7,000 guests in attendance!

FHM Bikini Heaven

FHM rocks the shores of Boracay in this beach anniversary party, held every March! Beach games, a bikini fashion show, and appearances by sizzling FHM celebrities are sure to make the summer unforgettable.
FHM Halloween Ball

FHM promises to throw a one-of-a-kind Halloween party every October! It’s that time of the year where everybody can be anybody. This much we know: This party will change the way you see Halloween.
FHM Autograph Signings

Each month, FHM holds this relationship-building activity that gives our readers a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite FHM cover girls. Leverage on the reach of FHM in promoting your brands by partnering with us in this much sought-after event.