Preview recently introduced its #ImAPreviewGirl campaign in its September issue which features “It” girl Georgina Wilson transformed in four different looks. From there, the campaign hit the online world as netizens expressed their various takes on what it means to be a Preview Girl.

A couple of months ago, the Preview team invited some director friends to create a short video of what #ImAPreviewGirl means to them. Preview gave them an open brief and they were completely free to interpret #ImAPreviewGirl in their own way.

“Fashion is the means of expressing yourself,” says Preview Editor-in-Chief Pauline Suaco-Juan in the first installment of the #ImAPreviewGirl video, entitled “In Defense of Fashion”. Posted on Rappler.com, Rappler columnist Patricia Evangelista interviews Juan about fashion, the industry, and her passion towards her work.

“Hide and Seek” is the title of the short fashion film created by filmmaker Samantha Lee. The video, according to Lee, “explores the concept of being a girl's girl, because after all, a Preview girl is a girl's girl." The video is available at Stylebible.ph.

Ian Galsim presents a comic concept of the Preview Girl in his film, “For the Love of Labels”.  First uploaded on Yahoo, the video shows comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto mentioning the brands of designer bags until she struggles in the end. The video is also available at the Stylebible.ph site.

Preview’s Best Dressed List 2013 couple Ryan and Garovs Vergara of Everywhere We Shoot creates an artful film entitled “Nourriture et Modèles”. The film, posted on Stylebible.ph, starts with models Ornusa Cadness,Trasienne Estrada, Sanya Smith, and Jessica Yang projecting to the camera and then later devouring food.

Because the Preview Girl is drop dead gorgeous, Joel Limchoc presents a creative take in his “Fabulous Forever” short film where it shows how red lipstick is a secret weapon of well-dressed women.

The newest upload of Stylebible.ph advises Preview girls on how NOT to Instagram.

Watch out for more short films on #ImAPreviewGirl by different directors coming up at Stylebible.ph. For more updates, like the Preview fan page at www.facebook.com/preview.ph and follow Preview on Twitter at @previewmag and on Instagram at @previewthestylebible.