PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) is YES!’s digital counterpart and your one-stop shop for all things showbiz. Get it all here: the scoops, the inside stories, the little-known facts, the pictures and videos, and podcasts! Get up close to the world of celebs: their fashion, cars, events, parties, homes, and their big projects! What’s more, PEP gives you the stars in their most glam and in their most unguarded moments. And, not to be neglected, the website brings you in on PEPsters: their excitements, reactions, tastes and interests! It’s all here.

Marilyn See
General Manager

Karen Pagsolingan
Managing Editor

Page Views: 50 million average per month
Unique Visitors: 4.1 million average per month
34.3% access via mobile and tablet
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Twitter Followers: 725,052*
*As of April 6, 2015


PEP’s readers have always been dominated by females in terms of gender. Currently, at least 80% of our
loyal readers are women. Regardless of gender, our readers mostly belong under socioeconomic classes A, B and C.

On the other hand, the Philippines tops the list as the leading location of PEP readers while the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, and Australia trail the list.

PEP has a very wide reach in terms of reader’s age as they vary between the ages of 15-60 and above. However, majority of them fall under the 30-34 age group. Meanwhile, almost 70% of the total audience of PEP are college graduates while others have vocational/ technical certificates and diplomas.

Employment wise, almost 85% are employed with ‘Professional’ being the popular profession. A typical PEPster has a monthly household income of less than $125-$1,500.


PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) is your one click to the stars, and your ears and nose in showbiz wherever you are.

It covers the trivial, the controversial, and the weighty among issues.

It reports about newbies and veterans, talents and managers, TV stars and the movie actors, and other exciting characters that make up Philippine show business.

It lets you in on the real and reel world of stars.

It exists for the stars, so that they may have a venue for announcing all their projects, plans, including their thoughts.

But even more than existing for the stars, PEP exists for the fans. It informs, entertains, breaks the news first, and does it accurately, fairly, and responsibly.

And it’s open 24/7!