Women's Health

It's no secret that health is the new status symbol. From the dorm room to the board room to the movie screen, women everywhere are embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Lively, fun and proactive, Women's Health, available in 22 countries with average monthly circulation of 2.4 million women, addresses 360 degrees of life for the new generation of contemporary, confident, ambitious women. By connecting with our readers in frank, irreverent voice of a trusted girlfriend, the clever, service-driven content transcends the title, making the brand a true one-stop lifestyle resource for Filipinas who are making their mark.

Women's Health is the go-to-guide on health and wellness for the Filipina pursuing her best life now.

Women's Health is a brand that speaks its mind without being judgmental. Our boldness, sense of humor, and honesty have proven to be exactly what women want--smart choices, not unrealistic changes.

Women's Health motivates and educates women to take control of their physical and emotional selves so they can live the lives they've imagined. Its focus on fashion, beauty, health, fitness, food/nutrition, relationships, and inspirational celebrities ensures that all areas of the readers' lives covered.

Christine Ong
Team Publisher

Lara Parpan

Ramon Manzano III
Events Marketing Director

Women's Health

Circulation: 18,000 - 20,000
Pass-on Readership: 7
Total Monthly Readership: 144,000 – 160,000
Cover price: P140
Frequency: 11 x a year
Size: 8.5" X 11"


We give women the information and advice they need to take better care of themselves, both physically and emotionally. We motivate not through scare tactics or by preying on women’s anxieties, but by championing the life-affirming benefits of making the right choice at the right time.

The Women’s Health reader wants easy, effective, practical workouts and advice for getting into the best shape ever. With emphasis on science, we give her the best tools to make this happen.

We don’t equate thin with being healthy or sexy. And we don’t assume that all women feel the need to lose weight. Women’s Health sees food as pleasure as well as fuel. We keep the reader updated on the most promising scientific breakthroughs and show her how to have a healthy approach toward food, establishing habits and strategies to reach and maintain her best weight.

Beauty is as much about a healthy lifestyle as it is about looking your best. Women’s Health understands that, so not only do we highlight the best new products to make her look and feel gorgeous, but we help her make smart, healthy choices so she can make every day a beautiful one.

When it comes to style, we know a healthy body is her primary fashion statement. Women’s Health understands that each reader is unique, and we offer detailed advice designed for her specific body type, hair, skin complexion, budget, and schedule.

Written by real women and experts, we cut through the emotional clutter to offer clear, concise advice on how to make sure her relationships thrive no matter what life throws at her. Expect features on how to deepen relationships and how to make them last – from tantalizing tips to pleasure boosting workouts and foods!

Whether she’s shooting for the corner office or trying to balance family and work, Women’s Health helps her choose the smartest ways to save, invest, and spend to ensure she hits her goals (new wardrobe, new car, new house) while safeguarding her future.

Women’s Health Beauty And The Beach

Every year, Women’s Health magazine celebrates its anniversary in sultry Boracay with a two-day event filled with WH signature activities to welcome the summer. Sponsorship of WH signature activities will enable your brands to interact with participants. Product sampling is done through WH summer essentials bags.
Women’s Health All Women’s Run

This one-of-a-kind event exclusively for women opens with a fun run. Unlike regular runs wherein activity booths are situated in the open grounds, Women’s Health All Women’s Run will house activities under an air-conditioned tent, where women can find and experience the country’s latest health, beauty, and wellness products and services leisurely.

Women’s Health will tap preferred women’s brands to provide activities that will cater to beauty, cosmetics, personal care, pampering, active lifestyle, and fitness.

Tap highly proactive women seeking ways, products, and services that will help them meet their immediate goals. Sponsorship of booth activities, co-branding of sessions, and product sampling will enable your brands to interact with our participants.
Women’s Health Studio Office Tour Series

No time to workout in the gym? Women’s Health brings fun and exciting workouts to where you are! Readers get to nominate their respective offices within Metro Manila. Women’s Health will visit 10 offices.

Sponsorship of WH signature classes and product sampling will enable your brands to interact/be experienced by participants.