Runner's World

Runner's World is the leading voice of running worldwide. Runner's World aims to inform, advise, and motivate runners of all ages and abilities. It helps runners achieve their personal health, fitness, and performance goals, and to inspire them with vivid, memorable storytelling.

It is a lifestyle magazine that speaks to both runners and aspiring runners that see running as more that an effective means of health, fitness, and overall well-being. For them it is a lifestyle choice and the currency in a life lived well--a way to be more, have more, enjoy more, experience more. It is a magazine from Rodale International with a total of 16 international editions, Philippines being the first in Asia.

Christine Ong
Team Publisher[at]

Marie Calica

Ramon Manzano III
Events Marketing Director

Runner's World

Target Market:
Men and women, ages 20-40 years old, who are passionate about running no matter what their skill level is.
Circulation: 10,000-15,000*
*Audited by SGV
Frequency: Quarterly
Size: 8.5” x 11”
Cover price: P150


RAVE RUN showcases a striking photographic spread of our readers’ cherished runs from all over the globe

HUMAN RACE is designed to motivate readers of all ages and abilities. It includes inspirational profiles of elite runners as well as regular runners doing amazing things.

includes practical advice on training and workout programs. It also covers running-related training questions on every level.

MIND-BODY examines the mind-body connection for runners, and includes topics such as stretching, yoga, weight-loss, visualization, acupuncture, and music’s ability to improve your running performance.

FUEL is all about food and nutrition like the risks and benefits of caffeine, the best carbohydrates for different race distances, and how much fat (and
what types) runners really need.

GEAR features authoritative, well-researched reviews of essential running gear each issue, from jog bras, hats, running watches, GPS devices, and MP3
players--and everything in between. Reviews include top-quality, compelling photography and concise, opinionated, reader-friendly assessments.

RACES + PLACES features previous notable and scenic races plus announces upcoming running events.

is a moving way to end every issue with its interview with a running celebrity. This section’s message is “Yes, I’m busy, and yes, I’m famous, but I couldn’t do any of it nearly as well without my running.”
Runner's World Running Clinics

Every issue release month, Runner’s World holds running clinics in key running hotspots in the Metro and relevant areas. Running Clinic topics also include nutrition, gear, and the latest product and services available for runners.