Good Housekeeping

“There should be no drudgery in the house. There must be time to think, to read, to enjoy life, to be young with the growing generation, to have time for their pleasures, to have leisure for one’s own—to hold one’s youth as long as possible, to have beauty all around us—line and colour in dress, form and colour in our surroundings; to have good food without monotony, and good service without jangled tempers.” —From “The Reason for Good Housekeeping,” first editor’s letter, UK Good Housekeeping, March 1922, James Young McPeake

Decades later, in another continent, Good Housekeeping still aims to give its readers everything they need to keep their lives in order (at home and beyond), balancing practical solutions with achievable inspiration. A tried and tested, 17-year- old brand in the Philippines, Good Housekeeping helps women save time, money, and hassle, thus allowing for more room—and encouraging them—to pursue the things that make them happier, and their lives fuller.

Melody Lalata
Associate Publisher

Tisha Alvarez-Angluben

Good Housekeeping

Target Market: She is 35 to 55 years old, married, with kids 1-15 years old, B and C income level.
Circulation: 45,000-50,000
Pass-on Readership: 6
Total Monthly Readership: 225,000-300,000
Frequency: 11x a year
Distribution: Bookstores, newsstands, magazine shops, and supermarkets
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Cover Price: P120


Good Life
What’s new, what’s now, what’s noteworthy: Good List features cute finds for mom; Happy Thoughts aims to put a smile on mom’s face with funny quotes, me-time suggestions, and nuggets of inspiration; and This Mom’s Life is a monthly
interview with known personalities. Good Life also includes our cover story, giving readers a peek into their favorite celebrities’ home and family life.

Look Good
Features the latest beauty and fashion news and reviews to help readers find the best products and make trends work for them. Includes a regular section devoted to anti-aging.

Feel Good
Features the latest health news and easy ways to stay well, eat right, and get fit. Our columnist, Angela Sison-Aguilar, M.D., addresses readers’ most pressing health concerns, while our Drop 5 Lbs. section gives readers doable ways to lose
extra weight.

Good Company
Real women, real-world advice: Our respected columnists (psychologists Boboy Alianan and Vange Alianan-Bautista, Atty. Linda V. Jimeno, and career consultant Malou Trenas Del Castillo) answer questions covering family, legal, and career matters. The section also includes news and tips for raising kids, maintaining a happy, healthy marriage, and managing personal (and the family’s) finances.

Good Reads
Readers can curl up and enjoy lengthy, inspiring real-life stories.

Good Food
This section has easy recipes for budget- and time-conscious home cooks, restaurant and product features, and tips from our resident chef and food editor.

Good House
Easy, quick, and cheap food ideas for budget- and time-conscious readers.
Good Housekeeping Family And Dog Fun Run

GH brings the whole family together for a fun morning of bonding and exercise. By family, we mean every member: mom, dad, ate, kuya, and even their furry buddies! The distances are 500 m, 1K, 3K and 5K. Sponsors will get the chance to communicate their brands to their target markets through the most fun-filled fitness event for the whole family.
Good Housekeeping Motherís Day Tote Bag

Every Mother’s Day, 15,000 GH Tote Bags filled with advertisers’ samples and a back issue of GH is given away to moms dining at partner restaurants and hotels! Advertisers can be assured that their samples will fall into the hands of happy moms throughout the metro.